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Chakra Balancing and Clearing sessions include:

    pre-session chakra reading
    Reiki initiates positive energy flow
    Setting an intention that is in the highest good of the recipient
    Opening the aura to work with the Higher Self
    Clearing each of the seven main chakras
    Balancing each of the seven main chakras
    Sweeping the aura
    Closing the aura
    Post-session chakra reading

pose and mission

      What is a psychic reading?
A psychic reading is when your psychic reader connects to your energy using their intuition or psychic senses. Every reader works differently, but essentially what's happening in a psychic reading is the reader is extending their soul's energy to your soul in order to receive information that may be helpful and validating as well as to provide advice and guidance to you. During a mediumship reading, the medium will connect to their energy and blend it with one of your loved ones who has passed to the Spirit World and give you evidence that they live on, with messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the unique journey of your life.
When it comes to psychic and mediumship readings, there are a variety of options to choose from but generally, readings fall into two categories: psychic (also called an intuitive reading) or mediumship. This blog post talks about psychic readings and the best questions to ask during your next reading. Now, let me say that it may not be necessary to ask any questions at all during your reading or perhaps only ask a few questions at the end.

   Main Types of Psychic Readings
Intuitive is just another word for psychic. During an intuitive reading, the reader is connecting intuitively to your energy to provide guidance, clarity, and messages for you. Each reading is different and will focus on the needs of the client at that moment. Sometimes tarot cards or other divination tools may be used, but they aren't necessary. An intuitive reading can answer questions about your life’s path and the reader may offer you practical advice and support for the next steps you should take. Readings can focus on health, finances, love life, career, or any other questions you might have. The possibilities for discussion are endless and depend on what you need during your session.